Capital City Nairobi, Kenya

This is where thousands of street children live and survive through the day. No one cares about them and a lot of them are still young, under 12 years old. So far Embrace has reintegrated more than 200 children back to their families and communities.
Our hope and prayer is that we can continue rescuing children in Nairobi and deliver the good news of the Gospel to their vulnerable young hearts.

We are planning to have the new center up and running by the end of 2019. Our next step will be to find a place to rent that will fit 15 bunk beds, have a place to cook, a restroom and a classroom that’ll fit 30 boys.
Without God sending us the right place it will impossible to find exactly what we need at an affordable cost.

We don’t know what lies ahead of us in Nairobi, but we trust that God will lead us and bless us as we press on for the sake of his glory!

Please join us in prayer as we take this new step!